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"With enthusiasm and expertise, Judy Salisbury brings a wealth of experience in public speaking and facilitating conferences, seminars, and trainings for a diverse range of private and professional groups. Engaging and witty, Judy keeps her audiences hanging on her every word and leaving with confidence in what they have learned."



How to Gain Credibility

Pre-presentation/Training Prep

First Impressions
Overcoming Fear and Shyness

Specific Skills and Techniques

Making a Lasting Impact

Tips for Content

Cultural Cautions

The Use of Humor

How to Share Personal Stories

Use of Visual Aides

How to Handle a Q & A

Hostile Audiences Members

Presentation Construction

L.P.'s Easy "BOP-123" Formula

Becoming an Effective Trainer

Participants Present for Critique

(Remote critiques are available

upon special request.)

“Judy Salisbury has years of firsthand experience in training people with the communication skills they need to be effective.

I highly recommend her work. Listen and learn from her!”                                         DR. RON RHODES



“Judy is a phenomenal trainer and communicator with the perfect balance of wisdom and wit!” 


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"Training for when you realize your most impacting visual aid is you!"

Judy Salisbury