Raised in the metropolitan area of New York City, Judy Salisbury worked in corporate sales, dabbled in stand-up comedy, pantomime, improvisation, and acting until her move to California in 1984. After establishing herself as an award-winning salesperson, she trained professionals in sales, customer service, and presentation skills.

     Salisbury originally founded Logos Presentations in 1994 with the purpose of providing effective communication and presentation skills for those who desire to make an impact. Through the years, Salisbury has become one of the most versatile speakers today conducting informational, motivational, and inspiring talks nationwide for conferences, general assemblies, retreats, and youth events.

      Joining in 2004, Salisbury is also a volunteer on her local fire department where she serves as an EMT, I.V.-Tech, EMS Evaluator, a firefighter, and as the Crisis Care Counselor. Drawing from her EMS experience and from her time as a Med-Tech/CNA serving hospice, long-term care, rehab, and assisted living, along with a decade of experience as the POA for a loved one, she created the special training program, LPNequip.org. Her unique, customized training is specific for staff in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities with Module #4, addressing emotional trauma, also appropriate for fire, EMS, law enforcement, military, general, and faith-based audiences.

     This certified lay-counselor, author of numerous books, and former radio talk show host lives on the outskirts of Mt. Saint Helens with her husband, Jeff, where they successfully home-schooled their two children K-12. Judy Salisbury's unique and varied background, strong work ethic, passion, and engaging sense of humor makes her relatable and relevant as she impacts the lives and calling of those who avail themselves of her talks, training, and materials.


Judy Salisbury



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