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Finding Faithful Friends:
A Lesson for Turning Hearts
From Sad to Glad

Perhaps you are like the little child in our story. Maybe you have had times of loneliness. Maybe there are times when you think no one wants you to be around, or maybe you think they don’t even notice you at all. Perhaps you feel that this could never change, but it can because it did! Learn how this child found faithful friends and became one, and how you can too! Whether child or adult, if you’re lonely or blue, "Finding Faithful Friends" happened for him, and it can happen for you!

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Ditsy and the Very Good Shepherd:

A Lesson in Love, Trust, and Faithfulness

Have you ever felt like Ditsy—hurting, lonely, angry, or scared? Everyone feels that way at one time or another. That’s why it’s time to learn the lesson, through this engaging little tale, of how you don't have to be ditzy like Ditsy as she comes to realize the truth that she really is loved, never alone or forgotten, protected and precious all because of The Very Good Shepherd. Not only is this good news for Ditsy, but also find out how this is very good news for you too!

Reasons for Faith:

Answering Objections and Obstacles to Belief

Have you ever considered your impact for eternity? Do you have a desire to offer commonsense answers to spiritual and popular questions and yet feel ill-equipped to do so? When the storms of life come, does your faith tend to waver? Do you wish you had answers to nagging questions you have yet to articulate or investigate? If you have the desire to become better equipped to reach other individuals or to strengthen your faith, Judy Salisbury’s guide—written specifically to meet the needs of Christian women today—offers you a safe, practical, and approachable place to start. In her lively, straightforward style, Judy addresses such issues as: Does God exist? Can I trust the Bible? Does Christianity oppress women?Is truth subjective or objective? Why would God allow evil and suffering? Was Jesus God, and is there proof He rose from the dead? How does or should my faith guide my life?


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A captivating resource highlighting six unique exchanges with six different women. Judy Salisbury offers nearly one-hundred practical and life-changing responses presented in a conversational format. Addressed are an array of emotional, biblical, moral, intellectual, and spiritual concerns that many women face today. This guide is an excellent resource for women’s group study. The sections Questions for Review and Thoughts for Refection provide opportunities for discussion, additional instruction, practical information, encouragement, and advice for those who desire to reach others for the Lord Jesus Christ or to solidify their walk with the Savior. Engaging Encounters is the companion guide for Judy Salisbury’s book, Reasons for Faith: Answering Objections and Obstacles to Belief, which was the first book written for women on Christian Apologetics. (FOREWORD BY DR. DAVID GEISLER)

Engaging Encounters:

Your Guide to Apply Reasons for Faith

The Emmaus Conversation:

An Eyewitness Account from the Unnamed Disciple

The Emmaus Conversation is a unique and riveting reconstruction from the Unnamed Disciple’s perspective found in Luke 24 regarding his journey with Cleopas on the road to Emmaus after witnessing Jesus’s crucifixion and burial, along with hearing claims of His empty tomb. Suddenly, a Stranger begins walking with them. With their eyes “prevented” from recognizing Him as the risen Lord Jesus Christ—Yeshua the Messiah, their new, wise Traveling Companion correlates the Old Covenant Scriptures, by way of Moses and the prophets, with what they witnessed regarding Jesus’s suffering, death, burial, and resurrection.

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A Time to Speak: Practical Training for the Christian Presenter and the Novice, Nervous, and Neurotic

This book is a complete guide for effective communication and presentation skills for individuals with any level of public speaking ability. Learn how to communicate a wide range of topics with confidence and competence, from Christian apologetics to the sensitive moral issues of our day.  With its accessible, systematic format, A TIME TO SPEAK is an excellent resource for all students, home-schooled through graduate school. In addition to specific skills and techniques, the reader will learn an easy formula for presentation content and construction, how to diffuse hostility, lead successful Q&A sessions, as well as tips to turn apathy into action and help to gain speaking invitations. (FOREWORD BY JOSH McDOWELL)

More Than Devotion:

Fifty-Days of Remembrance and Resolve

Whether you are a new believer or have walked with the Lord for many years, More Than Devotion provides you with fifty opportunities to learn through an array of biblical personalities and their circumstances. As you read each day’s related account from both Old and New Testaments, you will realize that God truly is the same yesterday, today, and forever. You will also see that human nature appears unchanging without God's intervention as well, making this work both relatable and relevant. With the backdrop of remembrance, each day provides a practical application and an achievable call to action, allowing fifty opportunities to move forward with significant personal and spiritual growth.

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Calamity Care:

My 31-Day Spiritual Guide to Thrive

What happens when you combine the urgency of a first responder, the heart of a counselor, and the mind of a Christian apologist? The result is a thirty-one-day guide that will help anyone face flood, flame, fear, or flu with wisdom and strength. Calamity Care is a relevant devotional resource for individuals who experience a variety of life’s trials—be they global, national, or personal. Truly an encouraging and instructive guide for personal and spiritual growth to help people who are looking, not just to survive distressing times, but also to thrive!

“Judy Salisbury, with her powerful and inspiring writing, has done it again. Her guide is not only timely,but it has the suggested tools we need to make it through any crisis or calamity. I highly recommend it. Well done!” JENNIFER SANDS, Author, Speaker, 9/11 Widow

The Relevance of Revelation:

Thirty-One Days to Radical Revival

Leaving to other resources on the Book of Revelation interpretations regarding the rapture, millennium, perplexing images, or specifics of judgment, The Relevance of Revelation offers thirty-one days of practical insights that focus on applicable and encouraging lessons for the believer today that will prepare the heart, soul, and mind for living in the last days and the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.


1) You are not looking to be convicted. 2) You only want to check a box that proves you read something spiritual. 3) You do not believe you are living in the last days.

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The Emmaus Conversations:

An Eyewitness Account From The

Unnamed Disciple

MP3 disc Format

Vocal Performance by Steve Cook

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